Operating Software MCDWIN and MPANT

Our Multichannel Analyzers are shipped with a powerful operating software MCDWIN or MPANT that operates under the MS-WINDOWS environment. It offers full software control of the MCA card or Multiparameter system, respectively. (MCDWIN for P7882, P7887, P7888, P7889, MCA-3 series, MPANT for SPA-3 or MPA-3.) 

Spectra from up to 16 input devices can be displayed in single parameter- and dualparamater format. Listmode as well as histogramming mode and replay are possible operating modes, depending on the hardware. The data format is compatible to many spectrum analysis programs such as:  GANAAS, QXAS, OSQ, SAMPO and many others. 

An optional DLL provides easy control and data transfer to LabVIEW, Visual Basic etc. The software can be fully remote controlled by a host computer via RS232C communication and in a Local Area Network (TCP/IP protocol, optional), or by an Experimental Control Line. All capabilities to inspect and evaluate the data are provided: Opening new windows, zooming and scrolling, creating and deleting ROI's, net and gross integration, calibration, Gaussian peak fit etc. A command language enables the user to fully automate his measurements.

Operating Software

MCDWIN Operating Software for P7882, P7887, P7888, P7889, MCA-3 series mcdwin.pdf
MPANT Operating Software for MPA-3, SPA-3, MPA4, MPA4T, MCS6A mpant.pdf
MCDWINDLL DLL-Software Interface for MCDWIN with sourcecode and example programs for Visual  Basic, LabVIEW, C and Delphi dll-mcd.pdf
MCDLAN Remote Control Software for MCDWIN via RS232 and LAN mcdlan.pdf
MPA-3DLL DLL-Software Interface for MPA-3 dllmpa3.pdf
SPA-3DLL DLL-Software Interface for SPA-3 dllspa3.pdf
MPA-3EXTCTL Remote Control Software for MPA-3 via RS232 and LAN mpa3ctl.pdf
MPA4DLL DLL-Software Interface for MPA-4 dllmpa4.pdf
MPA4TDLL DLL-Software Interface for MPA-4T dllmpa4t.pdf
MCS6ADLL DLL-Software Interface for MCS6A dllmcs6.pdf
MCS6LINUX LINUX driver for MCS6A mcs6linux.pdf
P788XLINUX LINUX driver for P7887, P7888, P7889 p86linux.pdf
MCA3LINUX LINUX driver for MCA-3/P7882 mca3linux.pdf
MPA4LINUX LINUX driver for MPA4, MPA4T mpa4linux.pdf
HVC Control Software HVC for High Voltage supplies via RS232 dllhvc.pdf