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Please could you let me know if there are any known incompatibilities between P7889 and this DELL workstation I intend to buy? Please could you also let me know if Windows 7 64bit is supported by your drivers, or whether I will need to install a 32bit OS?

I urgently warn to buy a DELL PC. We have very bad experience with Dell, they are fine office PCs but not suited to plug in any card that is not from Dell. There is a problem with the parity bit on the PCI bus, resulting in crashes when transfering data from the P7889. There is nothing we can do concerning that problem, as the handling of the parity bit is done within the PCI core provided by Xilinx. There are no problems with motherboards from other manufacturers like Supermicro.
Meanwhile we have signed drivers for all our PCI and USB devices for 64 bit Windows 7.

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