Time-Of-Flight Analyzers / Multiscalers, Photon Counters

For example in Mass Spectrometry stop event pulses generated by ions arriving at the detector (typically a MCP) need to be precisely counted in the exact relation to their arrival time (TOF).  FAST ComTec has specialised in the design and manufacturing of instruments for ultra-fast pulse counting that meets this criterion.

The USB based models of the MCS6A family with time resolutions between 100 ps and 800 ps and up to five input channels are  one of the fastest commercially available fully digital multistop time digitizers (TOF). These models have no dead-time after recording a stop pulse. 

Furthermore they can also be used to analyze the width of the arriving pulses with an accuracy of 100 pico seconds. FAST ComTec Time-of-Flight Analyzers are available with a number of options ranging from software DLL's for LabVIEW, C and Visual Basic to oven controlled oscillators. 

For measurements requiring very high time precision over a larger time range an optional Rubidium Frequency Standard is available. 

Our 2-Year Warranty covers all types of FAST ComTec Multiscalers.

Ultra fast Time-Of-Flight Analyzer, Multiscaler, Ion / Photon Counters

ModelResolutionInputsBurst CountrateContin. ThroughputInterfaceDatasheet
MCS8A 80 ps 1-8 12.5 GHz 240MB/s USB 3.0 (Super Speed) mcs8a.pdf
MCS6A 100 ps 1-5/(6) 10 GHz 35MB/s USB (High Speed, 480Mbps) mcs6.pdf
MPA4T 100 ps 1-5/(6) 10 GHz 35MB/s USB (High Speed, 480Mbps) mpa4t.pdf
MCS4 30ns/50ns 2 or 1 400 MHz 400 MHz USB (High Speed, 480Mbps) mcs4.pdf
P7882 100/200ns 2 or 1 400 MHz 400 MHz PCIbus p7882.pdf


MCS6DLL32 DLL for LabVIEW / "C" / Visual Basic (WIN 2000, XP,Vista,7) for MCS6 dllmcs6.pdf
MCS6LINUX LINUX driver for MCS6 mcs6linux.pdf
P7888DLL32 DLL for LabVIEW / "C" / Visual Basic (WIN 2000, XP) for P7888 dll-mcd.pdf
P788x OV Option oven controlled oscillator for P7887, P7888, P7889 788xov.pdf
P7882DLL32 DLL for LabVIEW / "C" / Visual Basic (WIN 2000, XP) for P7882 dll-mcd.pdf
MPA4TDLL DLL for LabVIEW / "C" / Visual Basic (XP,Vista,7) for MPA4T dllmpa4t.pdf