Control software HVC for High Voltage supplies via RS232

A stand-alone Windows program HVC.EXE allows to set all parameters and control the status of series SHQ, NHQ and THQ HV supplies via RS232. The Dynamic Link Library DHVC provides a command interface to the HVC control program, that can be used by any Windows program (Windows 9x, NT, 2000 and XP). The DLL can be used to send any of the HVC commands to the HVC control program. Any other Windows application can also control the hardware via the DLL. To support the programming of such customer-specific user interfaces, as an option we deliver documentation such as sourcecode and example programs for Visual Basic, Delphi and C and a LabVIEW VI Library. The optional software includes the complete sourcecode of the DHVC.DLL.

  • MS-Windows stand-alone control program for the control of series SHQ, NHQ and THQ HV-supplies via RS232.
  • Terminal program mode.
  • Automatic execution through MACRO commands.
  • DDE interface, example for LabVIEW.
  • DLL interface for control via any Windows program.
  • Using different COM ports several modules can be controlled simultaneously.
  • Optional available DLL software contains Sourcecode of DLL, documents interfacing with the HVC Windows control program, includes Example programs in Visual Basic, Delphi and C and a Library containing basic LabVIEW VI's. MS-Windows based customer-specific user interfaces can be easily made using the supplied documentation, libraries and examples.

Here is the HVC application:

LabVIEW VI's for the access to Status and Settings and executing HVC commands


The following software products for HV supplies are presently available:

Model: HVC control software of HV supplies via RS232 (basic SW) Order no.: HVIS100

Model: HVCDLL32 DLL for HVC LabVIEW, VB (requires HVC) Order no.: HVIS101

Model: ISEGLABV Program for control of NHQ via CAN-BUS + CAN Controller Order no.: HVIO06