World record in mass resolution

The TOF mass spectrum pictured below of fullerine molecules was acquired by Thorald Bergmann using a FAST ComTec Model 7886.

This figure below shows the arrangement used to analyze the C60 molecules. 
C60 is introduced as powder into the oven. Heated to 500 oC, C60 will evaporate and is carried by the Helium gas into the acceleration region of the mass spectrometer. 
While the molecules pass the acceleration region they are ionized by an ArF excimer laser. After acceleration they are focused by quadrupole ion optics and reflected back to the detector.
The detector consists of two multichannel plates arranged in series. The electrical signal is first amplified and then fed to a FAST ComTec Model 2128 Constant Fraction Discriminator which produces the timing signals detected by the FAST ComTec Model 7886. Data acquisition and analysis is accomplished by a client/serversystem (RT-Box), developed by F.X. Mayer that makes full use of the speed and signal depth of the FAST ComTec Model 7886.
The RT-Box consists of a server system, that runs a 32-bit extension (Pharlap's TNT) of MS-DOS to handle the large vector of raw data spectra. Interrupt handling is optimized for speed to enable fast response times. The analysis of the data is done on the client system (MS Windows NT) that communicates with the server using the TCP/IP protocol.