MCS4 Series Multichannel Scaler

The MCS4 Series
The MCS4 series is a USB-connected, software controlled Multichannel Scaler. The internal memory is used to accumulate spectra of up to 16M bins. An automatic sequential mode allows to acquire up to 65536 sequential spectra – each with a presettable number of sweeps – with no dead-time between each cycle or synchronized with external signal. The maximum count rate is 400 MHz, dwelltime is ≥ 30 ns for one STOP input or ≥ 50ns for two STOP inputs. 

An 8 bit digital I/O port provides controlling external devices or to react on additional external signals.

The “GO-LINE” compatibility allows to synchronize start and stop of the experiment across many measurement devices.

The 32 bit or 64 bit MPANT Windows Software is able to handle 6 MCS4 providing up to 12 MCS channels.

Our 2-Year Warranty covers also all types of MCS4 Series multichannel analyzers.

  • Complete versatile Multiscaler system 
  • Operating mode:
  • MCS (multichann. scaling) using 1 or 2 inputs 
  • MCS mode offers two inputs with programmable (fast/slow NIM, rising/falling edge) discriminators
    • Maximum MCS count rates of 400MHz
    • Dwell time from 30 ns for 1 input and 50 ns for 2 inputs up to 761h in steps of 10 ns or external
    • No dead-time between channels, no double counting, no end-of-sweep dead-time
    • Automatic sequential mode for up to 65536 sequential MCS spectra
    • On board MCS memory (16M x 32bit)
    • 8 bit digital I/O lines: external control / sample changer / status
    • 4 monitoring outputs for START / STOP1 / STOP2 / CHADV discriminators
  • GO-LINE compatible with other FAST products
  • Available in various configurations, options and firmware in-the-field upgradable
  •  Nuclear- and X-ray spectroscopy
  • Mössbauer Spectroscopy
  • Dynamic Desorption Studies
  • Cross-correlation measurements
  • Scanning Mass Spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence Lifetime Studies
  • Time-correlated Single Photon and Ion Counting
  • Laser induced chemical reactions
  • Portable Spectrum Analysis
  • Setup of experiments in High-Energy Physics
  • OEM-applications
  • Remote Spectrum Acquisition


MCS mode:

MCS inputs: START, STOP 1 & 2, Channel Advance MCS inputs: 4x BNC, ZIN = 50Ω or ZIN = 4.7kΩ pull-up (+3.3V) or pull-down, fast NIM (-300mV) or slow NIM / TTL (+1.3V) thresholds, 400 MHz max
On board histogramming memory: 16M x 32bit 
Dwell time modes: software selectable internal, or external channel advance
Dwell time / bin: 30 ns for 1 and 50 ns for 2 inputs...781h settable in steps of 10 ns. (2^48 x 10 ns)
Dead-time between time bins: zero
End-of-sweep dead-time: 10ns
Spectrum length: up to 16M time bins
Sweep Counter: 48 bit, presettable
Sequential mode: 1...65536 spectra with no dead- time between each cycle or synchronized with external signal
8 bit digital I/O lines: for external control / sample- changer, status 

GATE / MCS inputs:   4x BNC
FEATURE I/O: 15 pin high density, female
D- SUB (Analog Ground, 8 bit
Digital I/O, GO-Line, 4x SCA) 
12V Supply: 2.1mm center pin (rear panel) 
USB 2.0: rear panel) Type A 

Power Requirements: +11...+14V / 12W power supply enclosed 

Physical: aluminum case, 260mm x 48mm x 275mm, 1.7 kg 

Shipping case: 420mm x 320mm x 290mm, 4 kg

Ordering Information
ModelDescriptionOrder No.
MCS4 2ch fast MCS, 30(50) ns dwell time, MPANT Software MCS4
MCA4S1 DLL for LabVIEW, “C”, Visual Basic MCA4S1
MCA4S2 LINUX Driver for MCA4 family MCA4S2