FAST ComTec GmbH is a small but innovative company

Founded in 1984 by Norbert Gnieser, Rolf Schwall and a group of professionals as CMTE Elektronik the company has developed and manufactured NIM instruments under the Canberra Label. Soon thereafter the first CMTE labeled products were developed: a PC-based Multichannel Analyzer Model MCD/PC and the first ever PC-based Multiparameter System for up to eight ADCs. In 1987 CMTE acquired FAST Data Systems and was renamed CMTE FAST Datensysteme GmbH.

New products were introduced which were developed by internal and external design engineers. FAST Data Systems brought with them a line of computer systems and computer related products, that were sold in Germany and as part of scientific systems world wide.

In 1989 the first ultra fast multiscaler was introduced that for the first time was able to accept counting rates of up to 200MHz. The time resolution was 5ns. This was one of the most successful products at that time. FAST ComTec GmbH was the first company that offered MCA emulation software based on MS WINDOWS.

Since 1996 FAST ComTec is concentrating on its core business of innovative scientific instruments. The development of a 2 GHz, multistop - all digital - photon counting system restated the position of FAST ComTec as the performance leader in this field. This device in the second generation with up to four inputs (P7888) offers far superior performance data.

A new version offers 4 GHz count rate capability and a time resolution of 250 ps. The latest PCI-X version (P7889) with 100 ps resolution was introduced in May 2006. A new feature is pulse-width evaluation with 100 ps time resolution. Since 2009 USB based devices (MCS6, MCS6A) were produced that are available with time resolutions between 100 ps and 800 ps and with up to 5 stop inputs. In rapid succession a line of PC-based MCA's were introduced ranging from a 16k MCA with an integrated ADC to universal MCA cards with very fast multiscaling capabilities. In 1998 the first PCI-bus-based multiparameter system (the MPA-3) was introduced  that offered so far unreachable data throughput rates. Matching ADC's and TADC's (digital TAC/ADC's) were later added. A multi-input MCA was derived from the MPA-3. In 2011 the USB-based MPA4 with 2, 4 and 8 ADC interfaces was introduced, and the MPA4T that has in addition to ADC interfaces fast TOF inputs with 100 ps resolution like the MCS6A. 2015 the MCA4 was produced, a USB device with four 16 bit sampling ADCs with 125 MHz sampling frequency. It is available in many configurations up to a 4 channel multiparameter version. 2018 we introduced a improved version MCA4A with USB3 interface and digital shaper. Since 2020 the MCS8A is available, the successor of the multiscaler model MCS6A with USB3 interface and up to eight TOF inputs with resolutions between 80 ps and 800 ps.

FAST ComTec products are consistent with our goal to stay on the cutting edge of technology, we invest our best engineering resources in designing instrumentation that is not just innovative, but also high-performance and competitively priced. Our products are used throughout the world in scientific, industrial and commercial applications such as alpha, beta and gamma spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, fluorescence decay studies, high-resolution TOF mass spectrometry, LIDAR, Laser-induced photo-electron spectrometry to analyze the electronic state of gas and solid state samples, Single molecule counting and Single photon counting.

All multichannel analyzer and multiparameter products are offered with operating software based on MS WINDOWS. Optionally available are DLL's for LabVIEW, C, Delphi and Visual Basic. For the USB devices a version of the MPANT software can be free downloaded that can run as a Linux program under Wine. FAST ComTec also offers X-ray spectroscopy systems, Transient Recorders,  hybrid components, amplifiers, timing modules, discriminators, and more useful modules for laboratory use.

Our continuing goal is to offer the highest technologically advanced products with superior performance, the smartest and easiest to use software, while being responsive to the specific needs of our customers. FAST ComTec's commitment to the scientific community complements our tradition of quality and unmatched reliability of our products.

We are aiming to provide the best solutions to the requirements of our customers. We do this also by listening to their requests for new products and develop them accordingly. We try to deliver orders from stock, give a fast response to questions and provide a level of support that exceeds the customers expectations.

FAST ComTec represents AMPTEK Inc., Berkeley Nucleonics Corp. and CREMAT Inc. in the EU and Switzerland.



Munich, Dr. Wolfgang Wagner, general manager.