Rack mount NIM BINs with power supplies

The Leading Manufacturer

FAST ComTec is one of the leading manufacturer of NIM BINs. Our rack mount  NIM BINs with power supplies offers high stability, low noise, fold back current limitation at 120% power level, thermal supervision and protection. The input voltage range is configurable from 105V to 250V AC. Our NIM BIN's are known for their excellent reliabillity. Many of these BINs are in operation for more than 30 Years!  Our 2-Year Warranty covers all types of NIM BINs.

The Model 70XX consists of a NIM-BIN and attached power supply that range from 60 Watt to 300 Watt. The NIM-BIN provides space for 12 single width NIMModules (Nuclear Instrument Modules) and supplies either four- or six DC-voltages and 117V AC. Other size NIM-Modules of double- and triple width can also be accomodated. Note: models 7022 and 7023 are sold out, they are replaced by models 7024 and 7025 with more power.

The 12 rear connectors are wired to provide +6V, +12V, +24V DC and 117V AC. The detachable power supply can be operated on line voltages ranging from 105V to 250V. The line voltage input can be set to six positions by wiring change.

Test points for the DC-voltages, the ON/OFF-switch, and monitor lights for power and temperature warning are provided on the control panel. The temperature warning light indicates that the operating limit of 85°C has been reached. Exceeding a temperature of 125°C at the heat sink the power supply will switch off automatically. When safe operating conditions have been restored the powersupply will be fully operational again and the warning light will be off. The solid design of the mechanical parts and the very conservative dimensioning of the electronic components result in an outstanding quality and reliability.

The typical mean time between failures is 10 years !!


  • NIM Standard
  • Up to 300 W Capability
  • Operating voltage 105 to 250V configurable
  • Unsurpassed quality and reliability
  • Thermal Protection
  • Optional Overvoltage Protection for +6V
  • Complies to NIM standard TID-20893 and DOE/ER-0457T

Thermal Overload: A red warning light indicates when the temperature of the power supply is above 85 °C. An internal switch disables power when the temperature of the heat sink exceeds 125 °C. When the temperature returns to acceptable levels, power is automatically restored.

Module Connectors: Twelve AMP 202516-3
Test Points: Control panel test points for the six regulated voltages and ground

Size: 48,26 x 21.7 x 52 cm, without handles, 56.5 cm incl.handles
Net weight: 15.5 kg max.
Shipping weight: 17.2 kg max.

Line Voltage (internal wiring change): 105 /117/130/220/235/250 V +10%, -12%, 47/63 Hz
Output Voltage regulation < 0.05%, (+/- 6V 0.5%)
Longterm stability <3 x 10-3
Temperature stability <3 x 10-3 < 0.2% / °C (0°C to 60°C)
Noise and Ripple < 3mV ss / 3mV pp
Output impedance < 0.3 Ohm
Recovery time ±0.1% 100 usec, ±6V: ±1% 100 usec
Current limiting 120% (fold back type)
Short circuit current 25% of nominal current
Temperature range 0 - 50°C (-3% / °C from 50°C - 60°C)
Temperature warning Pilot Lamp
Standard: TID-20893 / DOE/ER-0457T

Standard NIM-BINs with Powersupplies - Rackmount Versions: SOLD OUT

NIM-BINs and NIM-Powersupplies, * Overvoltage protection
Model+6V-6V+12V-12V+24V-24V117 V AC WattOVP*
7024 5A 5A 3A 3A 2A 2A 0,5A 160  
7025 5A 5A 3A 3A 2A 2A 0,5A 160 ±6V
7030 10A 10A 3A 3A 2A 2A 0,5A 200  
7031 10A 10A 3A 3A 2A 2A 0,5A 200 ±6V
7032 12,5A 12,5A 4A 4A 2,5A 2,5A 0,5A 300  
7033 12,5A 12,5A 4A 4A 2,5A 2,5A 0,5A 300 ±6V

NIM-Module Powersupplies (triple widths) for port. NIM-BINs

Voltages, Currents and Power ratings, *7014 //DISCONTINUED//
Model+6V-6V+12V-12V+24V-24V117 V AC Watt
7014 3A   1A 1A 0,5A 0,5A 0,1A 60  
7018 1,5A 1,5A 1,5A 1,5A 0,5A 0,5A 0,1A 70  

Portable NIM-BIN's - Desktop Versions

7018/9 Portable NIM-BIN for 7014 /7018 NIM Powersupply, free slots: 6 (9 w/o Powersupply)
7018/12 Portable NIM-BIN for 7014 /7018 NIM Powersupply, free slots: 9 (12 w/o Powersupply) //DISCONTINUED//