FAST ComTec is manufacturing a unique series of NIM-Modules.

Our incredibly fast dual input ADC’s and TDC’s are now an industry standard enabling conversions of up-to 1.000.000 events/s. The 8k resolution and two independent 500 ns SAR-ADC’s are suited for a wide range of applications. In the SVA mode they can even be used to sample slowly varying DC signals or levels.
The Model 7072T is a unique dual channel device that can operate either as an ultra fast analog-to-digital converter with a fixed conversion time of 500 ns*, a time-to-digital converter (TDC) or an analog SVA . They offer improved performance and linearity specifications compared to separate TAC and ADC modules. There is also the Wilkinson-type ADC, Model 7070 which is suitable for high resolution HPGe detectors.
Our Constant-Fraction discriminators are still state-of-the-art even after a more than 20 Year history. The Differential CFD - Model 7029A - still offers the highest counting rate (>50 MHz) of any such devices. The Pent CFT - Model 2155 - combines 5 discriminators in a single width NIM module. Our Pulse-Shape Discriminator - Model 2160A - can be used to separate neutron and gamma particles, alphas and protons, electrons and alphas etc depending on the detector used.
FAST ComTec is also offering a line of HV-supplies. There are NIM versions as well as benchtop models. All have in common an exceptionally high power output and very low ripple and noise values making them ideally suited for high-resolution spectroscopy applications.
Take for example a HPGe detector which collected some condensation on the feedthrough to the preamplifier which causes some arcing. With a HV delivering just 50 µA a very distorted spectrum will be the result. Our HV supplies have the power to burn out the condensation and the effects on the spectrum are negligible.

NIM's and Accessories

2128 Constant Fraction Discriminator 2128.pdf
2155 Quint Constant Fraction Discriminator 2155.pdf
7029A Differential Constant Fraction Discriminator 7029a.pdf
2160A Pulse Shape Discriminator 2160a.pdf
7800-7 Nanosecond Delay Unit 7800-7.pdf
7011 Fast Amplifier, Timing Discriminator 7011.pdf
  Analog-Digital Converters (peak sensing)  
7070 Sold out 8k, Wilkinson-type 100 MHz ADC with excellent linearity 7070.pdf
7072T Sold out Dual 8k ADC with 500 ns fixed conv. time, TDC <25ps res. 7072t.pdf
  Amplifiers, Discriminators  
CSA4 Charge Shaping Amplifier csa4.pdf
7011 Fast Amplifier, Timing Discriminator 7011.pdf
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