Vacuum Operation

The XR-100 can be operated in air or in vacuum down to 10-8 Torr. There are two ways the XR-100 can be operated in vacuum: 1) The entire XR-100 detector and preamplifier box can be placed inside the chamber. In order to avoid overheating and dissipate the 1 Watt of power needed to operate the XR-100, good heat conduction to the chamber walls should be provided by using the four mounting holes. An optional Model 9DVF 9-Pin D vacuum feedthrough connector on a Conflat is available to connect the XR-100 to the PX2 outside the vacuum chamber. 2) The XR-100 can be located outside the vacuum chamber to detect X-Rays inside the chamber through a standard Conflat compression O-ring port. Optional Model EXV9 (9 inch) vacuum detector extender is available for this application. See photograph of XR-100 with extender and Conflat.

The EXVC - Collimator Kit Includes Stainless steel collimator housing,  Brass Spacer
Tripod and mounting plate (included when ordering for use with standard 1.5 inch extender box)
Laser pointer

7 Tungsten (W) Collimator disks:

  • 1 mm thick with 25 μm hole
  • 1 mm thick with 50 μm hole
  • 2 mm thick with 100 μm hole
  • 2 mm thick with 200 μm hole
  • 2 mm thick with 400 μm hole
  • 2 mm thick with 1000 μm hole
  • 2 mm thick with 2000 μm hole

This Tungsten (W) Spacer /Collimator is 35 mm thick with a 350 μm hole. It is designed to stop and collimate
x-rays greater than 100 keV produced from high energy tubes.
All Tungsten disks are made of alloy HD17 (90% W, 6% Ni, 4% Cu).

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