FAST ComTec's products, the best you can get!

FAST ComTec GmbH is a small but innovative company. We are dedicated to the design and marketing of innovative scientific instrumentation.

FAST ComTec products are consistent with our goal to stay on the cutting edge of technology, we invest our best engineering resources in designing instrumentation that is not just innovative, but also high-performance and competitively priced. Our products are used throughout the world in scientific, industrial and commercial applications such as alpha, beta and gamma spectroscopy, X-ray spectroscopy, fluorescence decay studies, high-resolution TOF mass spectrometry, LIDAR, Laser-induced photo-electron spectrometry to analyze the electronic state of gas and solid state samples, Single molecule counting and Single photon counting.

FAST ComTec also offers X-ray spectroscopy systems, Transient Recorders,  hybrid components, amplifiers, timing modules, discriminators, and more useful modules for laboratory use.

Our continuing goal is to offer the highest technologically advanced products with superior performance, the smartest and easiest to use software, while being responsive to the specific needs of our customers. FAST ComTec's commitment to the scientific community complements our tradition of quality and unmatched reliability of our products.

We are aiming to provide the best solutions to the requirements of our customers. We do this also by listening to their requests for new products and develop them accordingly. We try to deliver orders from stock, give a fast response to questions and provide a level of support that exceeds the customers expectations.

FAST ComTec represents AMPTEK Inc., Berkeley Nucleonics Corp. and CREMAT Inc. in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

All our multiparameter systems are covered by a 2-Year Warranty

Munich, Dr. Wolfgang Wagner, general manager.