Adapter and Cables

We offer adapters, attenuators and cables with SMA and BNC connectors especially suited for our fast multiscalers and the MCCD clock generator.


Ordering Information
MCCD 8-fold pulse driver + master clock source with 8 synchronous outputs
MCCDOVX Option: oven controlled ref.oscillator (higher stability)
MCCDDIV Option: 32 bit binary divider for ext CLK (internal jumper)
MCCDATOM Option: Cs atomic clock (highest stability)
CA421 Adapter BNC (m) - SMA (f)
CA422 Adapter BNC (f) - SMA (m)
CA423 SMA (f-f) coupler
CA424 SMA (m-m) coupler
CA425 Attenuator SMA, DC-6GHz, -6dB
CA426 Attenuator SMA, DC-6GHz, -10dB
CA427 Attenuator SMA, DC-6GHz, -20dB
MSET1 Set of cables: 8 x RG316 SMA-SMA, 30 cm
MSET2 Set of cables: 8 x RG316 BNC-BNC, 50 cm
MSET3 Set of cables: 8 x RG316 BNC-BNC, 100 cm
MSET4 Set of cables: 1 x SMA 1 m, 8 x SMA 20 cm, 8 x BNC 50 cm, BNC-SMA adapter (RG316)
CA400 SMA-SMA cable, RG402 semi rigid, 0.1m
CA409 SMA-SMA cable, RG316, 0.1m
CA401 SMA-SMA cable, RG316, 0.15m
CA402 SMA-SMA cable, RG316, 0.2m
CA403 SMA-SMA cable, RG316, 0.3m
CA404 SMA-SMA cable, RG316, 1m
CA405 SMA-SMA cable, RG316, 2m
CA112 SMA-BNC cable, RG316, 1m
CA110 SMA-BNC cable, RG316, 2m
CA111 SMA-BNC cable, RG316, 3m
CA120 BNC-BNC cable, RG316, 0.3m
CA121 BNC-BNC cable, RG316, 0.5m
CA122 BNC-BNC cable, RG316, 1m
CA123 BNC-BNC cable, RG316, 1.5m
MCS8-C1 TAG / Counter Cable, converts D-SUB 37 to 18 separate BNC cables, 1.5m, RG316.
MCS8-C2 TAG / Counter Cable, converts D-SUB 37 to 18 separate LEMO cables, 1.5m, RG316.