Collimator Kit

For use with XR-100CR or XR-100T-CdTe (standard box with 1.5 inch extender) and the EXV9 (detector box with 9 inch extender) 
In order to accommodate applications where the X-ray flux is too high for both the detector and the electronics that process the X-ray spectrum, Amptek has developed a “Collimator Kit” to collimate the primary X-ray beam.
The Collimator Housing can accommodate up to two Tungsten collimator disks that are placed inside a bayonet holder in front of the detector. By selecting the appropriate Tungsten collimator disks, the user can reduce the incoming X-ray flux and allow the detector and electronics to process the X-ray spectrum. Seven different Tungsten collimator disks are provided with different size holes in order to allow for a wide range of applications.
The EXVC Collimator Housing is made of stainless steel and can also be used inside a vacuum chamber.

Ordering note: When ordering, please specify the size of your detector box (standard box with 1.5 inch extender or EXV9 box with 9 inch extender). The O-ring component of the collimator kits are different depending on the size of the detector box.

We offer Amptek products only if end users are in Europe, other customers please contact Amptek directly.