BNC Model 6040 Mainframe, Pulse Generator. Electrical or Optical outputs

An Uncommon Pulse Generator Electrical or Optical outputs - Model 6040

  • Adjustable rates up to 100 MHz
  • 5V to 800V amplitudes
  • 635 / 650 / 660, 850, 904, 1064, 1300 and 1550 / 1580 nm wavelengths
  • 1 ns resolution

The Model 6040 pulse generator provides superior performance characteristics. For example, the timing accuracies of 0.01% for frequency and 0.2% for delay and width are unusual for a pulse generator. The triggering jitter of 25 ps provides synchronizing capabilities usually associated with only the very best digital delay systems. Plug-in modules let you select the output configuration you currently need. Even the mainframe 6040 without any module provides capable positive and negative outputs. Capabilities of the mainframe with its modules include: single pulse, double pulse, impulse, external drive, external modulation and CW. The modules themselves determine which of these capabilities are available. Some modules can operate to full repetition rate of the mainframe; others are limited to a smaller number.

Specifications - the Model 6040 mainframe
Listed below are the timing and output characteristics of the 6040 mainframe. However, modules determine specificperformance limits and characteristics such as maximum pulse width and maximum rep rate.

  • Internal Trigger: 0.01Hz to 100 MHz, Accuracy: 0.01% of setting
  • Pulse Width: 3 ns to 640 S, res. of 1 ns or 5 digits, accuracy 0.2%, jitter 25 ps or 0.005%.
  • Delay: 0 ns to 640 S, resolution of 1 ns or 5 digits, accuracy 0.2%, jitter 25 ps or 0.005%.
  • Trig Out: A 3 ns wide, 2V high T0 pulse into 50 ohms.
  • Pulse Out: A positive 4V pulse into 50 ohms. 1 ns risetime.
  • ECL Out: An ECL level output into 50 ohms. 700 ps risetime.
  • External Trigger: 0 to 100 MHz, slope select and threshold adjust, 50 ohm input impedance.
  • Single Cycle: A push button initiates a single pulse cycle.
  • Double Pulse: A pair of identical Width pulses separated by the Delay for each event.
  • Impulse: A sub-ns impulse is provided for each event. (optical only)
  • External Drive: An incoming waveform drives a module's output between two levels.
  • External Modulation: Analog or digital signals modulate the output of an optical module with high bandwidths. (optical only)
  • CW: Constant light level outputs. (optical only)

Electrical Modules
These interchangeable modules provide electrical signals from 5V, 180ps risetimes to 800V, 10 ns risetimes. The higher amplitudes have slower risetimes and the slower risetimes result in reduced maximum rep rates.

Electrical Modules, More detailed specs are available - please contact FAST ComTec

into 50 ohms              
Electrical Module Characteristics Amplitude Offset Max Rate Risetime Min Width Max Width
201E fast risetime high rep rate 5V +/- 5 V 100 MHz 180 ps 1 ns 640 S
204M general purpose 20V None 5 MHz 3 ns 5 ns 640 S
202H high pulse power 300V None 500 kHz 5 ns 12 ns .005%/us droop
310H higher pulse power 800V None 40 kHz 15 ns 25 ns 1%/us droop

Optical Modules
These interchangeable modules provide wavelengths of 635 nm, 650 nm, 660 nm, 850 nm, 904 nm, 1064 nm, 1300 nm and 1550/1580 nm. Other wavelength options may be available so check with the factory if you have special needs. The optical modules offer rep rate, delay and width control as well as amplitude adjust essentially providing the optical equivalent of an electrical pulse generator. For all the modules, light is conveniently provided at end of an optical fiber for easy routing on an optical bench or to a test system.

Optical ModuleWave-lengthStandard Peak PowerCustom Peak Power*FiberMax RateMin WidthMax WidthImpulseCWExt ModExt Dr
065650 nm
635nm, 660nm
2 mW10 mWMMF100 MHz3 ns640 secyesyesyesyes
085850nm2 mW20 mWMMF100 MHz3 ns640 secyesyesyesyes
090904 nm1 mW20 mWSMF100 MHz3 ns640 secyesyesyesyes
106C1064 nm1 mW20 mWSMF100 MHz3 ns640 secyesyesyesyes
106H1064 nm50 mW200 mW



2 kHz10 ns25 nsnononono
1301300 nm1 mW10 mWSMF100 MHz3 ns640 secyesyesyesyes



1550 / 1580 nm1 mW10 mWSMF100 MHz3 ns640 secyesyesyesyes



1550 / 1580 nm50 mW200 mW



2 kHz10 ns25 nsnononono

*Please consult BNC engineering before ordering

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