XR-100CR, 13 mm2 x 500 µm X-Ray Detector

The XR-100CR 13 mm2 x 500 µm Si-PIN thermoelectrically cooled detector is the latest addition to Amptek’s successful line of X-Ray detectors that have revolutionized the industry.
With a large 13 mm2 detection area and the high efficiency of 500 µm thickness, this detector system combines high performance and practical, cost effective solutions to many applications.


  • Large Area – 13 mm2
  • High Efficiency – 500 μm thick
  • 190-200 eV FWHM Resolution @ 5.9 keV (20µs)
  • 200-220 eV FWHM Resolution @ 5.9 keV (12µs)
  • 220-240 eV FWHM Resolution @ 5.9 keV (6µs)
  • P/B Ratio: 4100/1
  • 1,0 mil Be window
  • No Liquid Nitrogen
  • Internal Silver (Ag) Collimator
  • optional internal Multilayer Collimator
    ( The base metal is 100 µm of tungsten (W), the first layer is 35 µm of chromium (Cr), the second layer is 15 µm of titanium (Ti), and the last layer is 75 µm of aluminum (Al))


  • X-Ray Fluorescence
  • OEM and Process Control
  • Research and Teaching
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Environmental and Nuclear Plant Monitoring

We offer Amptek products only if end users are in Europe, other customers please contact Amptek directly.