FAST ComTec offers a comprehensive line of Multichannel Analyzers

The MCA4 series is a family of USB-connected, software controlled Multichannel Analyzers with 1-4 inputs with 32k resolution,  >1 M events / sec on each channel, MCS mode (option), RTC (option), scope mode for monitoring input signal wave forms. The MCA-4 offers two multiscaling inputs with a counting rate capability of 400 MHz at dwell times as low as 30 ns for one input and 50 ns for two inputs.

The MCA4A series is USB 3.0 connected and has in addition to the MCA4 a digital pole-zero filter and trapezoidal shaper, optional eight 125 MHz 48 bit counters (2 presettable), and multiscaling (MCS, option) with individually adjustable thresholds.

The MCA-3 provides with an ADC conversion time of 500 ns a counting rate of more than 1.000.000  ADC conversions/s. Any of our ADC's and  the TAC/ADC can be connected. All spectra can be displayed in one screen. Our 2-Year Warranty covers all types of FAST ComTec multichannel analyzers.

For mobile operation the MCA-8000D offers an excellent 16k ADC and connects to a computer by a fast serial interface. It can be operated with batteries or with a power adapter. 

Multichannel Analyzers

ModelADC channelsMultiscaling InputsInternal ADCExternal ADCADC Countr. CapabilityMultisc. CapabilityInterfaceDatasheet
MCA4 1-4 2 (option) 32k (64k) n.a. >1 MHz >400 MHz USB mca4.pdf
MCA4A 1-4 2 (option) 32k (64k) n.a. >1 MHz >400 MHz USB 3.0 mca4a.pdf
MCA-3 1 2 no up to 64k external >400 MHz PCIbus mca-3.pdf
MCA-3A 1 none 8k up to 64k 1 MHz no PCIbus mca-3.pdf
MCA-3FADC 1 2 8k up to 64k 1 MHz >400 MHz PCIbus mca-3.pdf
MCA-3S none 2 n/a n/a n/a >400 MHz PCIbus mca-3.pdf
MCA8000D 1 1 8k no 10ms/channel USB/RS232 mca8000d.pdf
Options   Datasheet    
MCA4 DLL32 MCA4 DLL for Labview /"C"/ Visual Basic incl. VIs dllmca4.pdf    
MCA4 LINUX LINUX Drivers for MCA-4/MCS4 mca4linux.pdf    
MCDLAN MCDLAN - MCDWIN Remote Control for RS232C and TCP/IP mcdlan.pdf    
Additional Information        
MPANT MPANT Software-Datasheet mpant.pdf    
MCDWIN MCDWIN Software-Datasheet mcdwin.pdf