FAST ComTec Care, 2-year Limited Warranty

FAST ComTec has built and delivered since 1984 worldwide the best photon and ion counting instruments  -- used in every imaginable application from class and laboratory work to measuring emissions.

Our 2-Year Warranty covers all types of FAST ComTec multiscalers, FAST ComTec multiparameter systems, FAST ComTec photon counters, FAST ComTec multichannel analyzers and FAST ComTec NIM-BINs – regardless of the application – from manufacturing defects. It ensures you of the highest level of craftsmanship and reliability for years to come.

The warranty covers parts and labor needed to repair manufacturing defects that occur during the warranty period. We also will cover the costs of shipping warranty-related repairs from us to our customers.

No other manufacturer offers such a solid guarantee of quality and reliability.

Download Warranty (PDF)

Want more information? Contact a FAST ComTec Applications Scientist at +49 89 665180 0 or via email here.

Please have the serial number ready before calling.