Model MPA-3, Multiparameter Multichannel Analyzer System


The MPA-3 Multiparameter System is designed as an ultra fast list mode system with input ports for 4, 8, 12 or 16 ADCs, multiscalers or time-of-flight devices. The open system technology concept is capable to accommodate future system expansions.  
For dependent single- and multiparameter acquisitions coincidence resolving times from approx. 100 ns to more than 3 ms can be selected. 

One can accumulate single and multiparameter spectra in the RAM of the PC. Multiple windows of single and dual parameter spectra can be simultaneously displayed.   List data can be stored on the local hard disk device or any other directly addressable storage device.

Using the PXXX hard disk array data can be stored on-line at full throughput for many hours depending on the configuration.  
Any combination of ADCs can be selected.   
It is therefore possible to define several single- and dual parameter spectra which can be simultaneously acquired and displayed.

The MPA-NT software is a 32- and native 64-bit operating program developed to run under Microsoft Windows-XP/Vista/7/8/10 (32 and 64 bit).

The main features are:

  • Ultra fast Multiparameter Multichannel Analyzer  
  • ADC-port modules allow the flexible configuration of 4, 8, 12 or 16 parameter systems
  • ADC ports for 64k (16 bit) ADCs (and/or other compatible frontends like Multiscalers, Position Analyzers, Time-of-Flight devices etc.)

Ultra high data throughput:  

  • 6.000.000 events/s (converted ADC data) integral using 16 ADCs, single parameter mode
  • 6.000.000 events integral for list mode recording of 16 coincident ADCs.   
  • (not adjusted for coincidence time settings)
  • Livetime correction on all ADC inputs
  • PCI-bus interface board


  • 48-bit Realtime-Clock with a time resolution of 100 ns for time tagging of events, spectrum multiscaling and sequential access to the data memory
  • Modular construction for an ultimate flexibility in configuring the system to any specific application
  • Parameters completely under software control
  • Fully remote-controllable by host computer (RS232C, experiment control line or Ethernet)
  • Excellent reliability by extensive use of a high density gate-array  
  • Easy to use multiparameter operating software MPA-NT
  • High resolution graphics display


  •  Ultra fast multiparameter list mode data acquisition with up to 16 external ADCs, multiscalers or Time-of-Flight front-ends
  • Ultra fast single parameter list mode data acquisition
  • Ultra fast multi-spectrum acquisition and display


Max. Throughput: List-Mode data stored in RAM or on hard disk array: 

  • 6.000.000 events/s (converted ADC data) integral using 16 ADCs in single parameter mode 
  • 6.000.000 events integral for list mode recording of 16 coincident ADCs, (not adjusted for coincidence time settings) 


  • Single parameter mode, Spectrum acquisition from up to 16 ADC's 
  • Multiparameter mode, Spectrum acquisition with display of any (ADC) combination of dual parameter spectra. 
  • Simultaneous single- and multiparameter acquisition and display of single- and multiparameter spectra

Combined List-MODE and PHA MODE data stored in RAM and on hard disk: 

  • Simultaneous storage on hard-disk array and spectrum acquisition in the computer memory with display of any combination of single and multiparameter spectra