32- and 64-bit DLL and VIs for LabVIEW and Visual Basic for MPA-3

The 32- and 64-bit MCDWIN software for the multichannel analyzers MCA-3/P7882 and P788x family consists of a hardware-dependent server program with DLL and a general graphics program that controls the hardware via the DLL. Any other Windows application can also control the hardware via the DLL. To support the programming of such customer-specific user interfaces, as an option we deliver documentation such as sourcecode and example programs for Visual Basic and LabVIEW.

The software includes the complete sourcecode of the DLL that controls the hardware via the server program. A special new FMCDWIN.DLL including source code with examples like F*(x-x‘)/(x+x‘) where x‘ is marked by a routing bit allows to display calculated spectra including calculated error bars in the MCDWIN program. 

  • MS-Windows based customer-specific user interfaces can be easily made using supplied documentation, libraries and examples
  • Available for all Multichannel Analyzers with MCDWIN software: MCA-3/P7882, P7886(S,E), P7887, P7888, P7889 and older models
  • Example programs in Visual Basic, C, and Delphi
  • Example LabVIEW application and library containing basic LabVIEW VI's
  • Access to spectra like slices or projections calculated in MCDWIN v 2.8 or special new FMCDWIN.DLL
  • Automatic execution through MACRO commands
  • Local Area TCP/IP Network support for remote control via optional MCDLAN software