Fast Amplifier / Discriminator Model 7011

It's highly recommended to take a look at the Timing Discriminator Model TD2000.


  • 200 MHz Amplifier/Discriminator
  • DC-coupling (Composite Amplifier)
  • Fast NIM-, shaped and TTL output
  • DC adjustment


  • Ultra high countrate Single Photon Counting
  • Mass-Spectrometry
  • other general purpose use


The 7011 Amplifier/Discriminator combines a fixed gain inverting Amp with a leading edge discriminator. Both functions can be used independently. The input polarity of the discriminator has to be set to match the polarity of the input signal. Three types of output signals are available: FAST-NIM output > 200 MHz, a shaped negative output > 90 MHz and a positive TTL output > 50 MHz. 


  • Amplifier positive or negative DC-coupled 
  • Output: inverted Discriminator 
  • Input: positive or negative DC-coupled selectable by a toggle switch 
  • Outputs: FAST-NIM negative > 200 MHz formed negative > 90 MHz positive TTL with ajdustable width - max. 50 MHz


Amplifier Gain: approx. x 10 Noise: < 50 μV referred to the input Band width: DC to > 200 MHz (250 MHz typical) 

Discriminator Countrate: > 200 MHz Pulse pair resolution: > 5 nsec Threshold stability: +/-0,02 %/oC

PHYSICAL:Size: single width NIM module 3.43 x 22.12 cm as per TID 20893 (rev) Net weight 0.85 kgs Shipping weight: 1.9 kgs


Amplifier DC level adjust of the output signal 

Discriminator Threshold 10-turn precision potentiometer to set acceptance threshold for input pulses Range 10mV to 1.2V Input polarity to set input to the signal polarity "+" or "-". Setting is indicated by LED Width control of the positive output and the internal deadtime


Version 7011: +6V 300mA, -6V 400mA (can also be operated from +- 12V)