Nuclear Pulse Generators

Random-, Tail-, Ramp- Generators as NIM-Modules.

FAST ComTec represents in Germany, Austria and Switzerland products from Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC). There is a large product range available from General purpose Pulse Generators to Digital Delay Generators. Random-, Tail-, Ramp-, Delay-Generators and optical Modules as Benchtops or as NIM-Modules. Here is the list of Nuclear Pulse Generators. 

The Model DB-2 is a pulse generator which accurately simulates the random and pileup characteristics of pulses from a radiation detector. It provides pulses which are monoenergetic over a broad range of average count rates. Under high count rate conditions, the pulses will pileup. This characteristic is useful in determining pile-up or count-rate effects and in measuring the resolution of high count rate spectroscopy systems. Besides random pulses, the Model DB-2 also provides monoenergetic repetitive pulses. In this mode, the DB-2 is an excellent general purpose pulser.

The PB-5 sets a new standard for precision pulse generators. It offers full digital controllability with a built-in ramp generator for linearity Testing. It provides tail and flat top pulses with outstanding integral linearity and extremely low amplitude change with temperature. The PB-5 is capable of testing the stability, linearity and resolution of the most demanding spectroscopy circuits and instrumentation. It is the successor to the industry standard, PB-4, and to the 9010. The 4x16 LCD display, keypad, and a spinner knob provide a user interface that is easy to use. RS232 interface is also standard along with memory that will store and recall nine complete pulse setups.

Table for Nuclear Pulse Generators

Model Resolution Mounting Form Datasheet
BH-1 Tail Pulse Generator NIM Module fast_nim.pdf
BL-2 Pulse Generator NIM Module fast_nim.pdf
DB-2 Random Pulse Generator NIM Module fast_nim.pdf
PB-5 Pulse Generator NIM Module fast_nim.pdf
8010 General Purpose Pulse Generator NIM Module fast_nim.pdf

We offer BNC pulse generators only if end users are in Europe, other customers please contact BNC directly.