The MCA-3 Series MCA's

The MCA-3 Series is a family of PC-based, software controlled PCI-bus Multichannel Analyzers. The design is capable of converting incoming signals at upto 1,000,000 events/s. Two multiscaling inputs accept MCS counting rates of more than 400 MHz. The minimum dwell-time is 100 ns.The large data memory can be segmented to enable to accumulate successive measurements. Spectra accumulated in sequential PHA mode can be displayed in a two-dimensional array.

For use in remote locations or where power outages are prevalent, an autostore function can be selected that will store both spectra and setup parameters at programmable intervals to prevent the loss of the acquired data.

The MCA-3-Series boards can be remotely controlled by a host computer. "GO"-line compatibility enables the MCA's to start and stop accumulation synchronously with other FAST ComTec products such as the MS-12 Timer/Scaler, the MPA-3 Multiparameter System etc.
The MCA-3-Series Multichannel Analyzers are available in four versions - see the table below.

Our 2-Year Warranty covers also all types of MCA-3 Series multichannel analyzers.

Key Feature Table
On-board 500 ns ADC, 8192 channel conversion range No Yes Yes No
ADC port for connection of external ADC Yes Yes Yes No
SCA output, programmable ULD, LLD and ZERO No Yes Yes No
Gate input for Anticoincidence/Coincidence signals No Yes Yes No
TAG-input for tagging PHA spectra 8-bit (= 256 tags) Yes Yes Yes No
Pulse-Height mode acquisition Yes Yes Yes No
SVA Sampled Voltage Analysis mode ext. ADC Yes Yes No
Multi-point digital spectrum stabilizer, gain and zero Yes Yes Yes No
MCS Multichannel mode of acquisition Yes No Yes Yes
Two-inp. MCS with 100ns min. dwell time Yes No Yes Yes
Presettable sweep counter Yes No Yes Yes
Mossbauer Control Lines on mounting bracket Yes No Yes Yes
X-Ramp (triangular or sawtooth) output 0-10 V, 12 bit Yes No Yes Yes
Data Memory, 32 bit capacity 512k 512k 512k 512k
Memory Segmentation 8k x 64 to 2 x 256k Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sequential PHA spectra acquisition Yes Yes Yes No
Sweep summing and segmented memory averaging Yes No Yes Yes
Digital I/O for external control, sample changer etc. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote control via RS232C, Ethernet, Exp. Control line Yes Yes Yes Yes
Inputs and outputs on LEMO 00 or D-SUB-15 connectors Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multi-tasking for up to four boards in one PC Yes Yes Yes Yes
MCDWIN Operating Software including 2D-display Yes Yes Yes Yes
Event by event storage in List-Mode Yes int+ext.ADC int+ext.ADC Yes
WINDOWS 7 / 8 and -XP compatible Yes Yes Yes Yes
DLL for LabVIEW, "C" and Visual Basic Option Option Option Option
Driver for LINUX Option Option Option Option
Downloadable software upgrades free for one year Yes Yes Yes Yes