Model TA8008 Octal Fast Pulse/Timing Amplifier with AM8000 amplifier modules

BY: Dr. Wolfgang Wagner

TA8008 Octal Fast Pulse/Timing Amplifier

8 amplifiers in a single case
User selectable combination of 8 amplifiers out of the complete pool of 9 different AM8xxx amplifier modules
DC coupled
Small signal bandwidths ap to 2.2 GHz available,
model dependent Voltage gains from 14dB (x5) to 46dB (x200)
Non-inverting closed loop OP-Amp design
Single +12V power supply
Low and very low noise models
High output drive Bandwidth limited (BWL) options available for further improved noise performance Offset adjustment
Pre-amps for ultra fast detectors (MCP, PMT, ...)
Oscilloscope and transient recorder pre-amps
High precision Time-of-Flight Photon-/Ion- counting
Wideband signal processing
The TA8008 octal timing amplifier comprises a common power supply casing that is populated with a user selectable choice of 8 amplifier modules AM8000.
The pool of available AM8000 fast timing amplifiers conists of 3 basic type families:
- AM81xx  low noise, high bandwidth
- AM82xx  high bandwidth, high gain
- AM83xx  very low loise
Each AM83xx model is also available with a bandwidth limited (BWL) option which further reduces the noise floor.
A unique feature for such high speed amplifiers is the DC coupling. DC coupling avoids count rate effects due to non DC balanced pulse trains and the corresponding charging of coupling capacitors.