Charge Sensitive Preamplifier and Shaping Amplifier A225

ULTRA LOW NOISE: <280 electrons RMS
Model A225 is a high performance thin film hybrid charge sensitive preamplifier and shaping amplifier developed especially for high resolution systems employing solid state detectors, proportional counters, photomultiplier tubes and other charge producing detectors in the pulse height analysis or A/D mode of operation. While these units were specifically designed for satellite instrumentation, the following unique characteristics make them equally useful for
space, laboratory and commercial applications:


  • Operates from -55 to +125 ºC.
  • Small size (14 pin hybrid DIP) allows mounting close to the detector.
  • Ultra low power (as low as 10 mW)
  • Wide range single supply voltage (+4 to +25 VDC)
  • Pole-zero cancellation (internal)
  • Two outputs available (timing pulse and shaped unipolar)
  • High reliability screening
  • One year warranty


  • Portable instrumentation
  • Nuclear monitoring
  • Particle, x-ray, and gamma detection
  • Imaging
  • Research experiments
  • Medical and nuclear electronics
  • Electro-optical systems