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We now have win7. Could you please assist us with the installations for our P7888?

We provide different Windows drivers with our PCI cards like the P7888. A 32 bit driver for Windows XP, 32 bit and 64 bit drivers for Vista and Windows 7/8. The drivers are in the WDMDRIV directory of the CD or the downloaded software in respective subfolders winxp, vista, win7.

To check if the driver is installed, please start the device manager, this can be done for example by right-clicking the "My Computer" symbol on the deskop, then selecting "Manage" from the drop-down menu and then selecting the device manager.
If the driver is installed, you should see in the device list a category "Multifunction Adapters" with a "FAST ComTec MPA-3, MCA-3 and P7882..P7888 Driver".
If the driver is not yet installed you will see a "PCI communication device". Right-click on that device and select "Update driver" from the drop- down menu. You can also start the driver installation by clicking "Search for changed hardware" in the Action menu. The driver installation wizard should also start automatically when starting Windows for the first time after mounting the card.
You will then be asked if you want to install the driver software automatically or if you want to search locally for the software. Select that you want to search locally and browse for the wdmdriv\win7 folder of the extracted download file. The driver will then be installed. If you do it for the first time you will be asked if you want to trust permanently the certificate of FAST ComTec GmbH. Confirm it.
Install the software. You can either install the 32-bit MCDWIN software with setup.exe or the native 64-bit software with setupx64.exe. You can also install both versions.
Start the software. If you still get a message that there is a communication problem with the board, you have probably a DELL or HP PC. These have a special branded BIOS that is not completely PCI compliant with the consequence that they cannot communicate via the second I/O port range requested by the AMCC PCI controller on our PCI cards. This problem has nothing to do with the Windows version and unfortunately the only solution is to use another, non-DELL computer.

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