Multichannel Analyzer MCA4 / Questions and Answers

I have a question about the MCA4. When collecting events in the list mode, is it possible to reset the time stamp using a periodic external signal?

We have now a new firmware (v 6.07) and software (Server v 1.43) that enables triggering the RTC by a fast TTL or NIM signal connected to the Gate 4 connector. The software and firmware can be downloaded from the MCA4 support page in our website.

If this feature is enabled, the acquisition will not start before a trigger signal is sent to the Gate 4 connector. The Real timer is reset by each new signal there, so the real time cannot longer be used for normalizing. The computer run time and live time may be used instead of it. It is now possible to create precise time spectra of ADC events after an external trigger signal.

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