Model 788xOV, Oven-stabilized

The Model 788xOV significantly improves the time stability of one of the fastest commercially availablemultiple-event time digitizers.This option for example enhances the capability ofhigh resolution Electro Spray Time-of-Flight Mass-Spectrometers to reach a better than 1 ppm mass accuracy.

The 788xOV option is also recommended whenlonger data acquisition times are required by theusers application.

Time stability over the full operating temperaturerange: 0.03 ppmTime stability per day: 0.0015 ppmTime stability per year: 0.1 ppm

  • Excellent resolution for longer period time measurements: Fitted value: 485 ps FWHM at a time bin of 100 ms,data accumulation: 24 hours using the P7886!
  • Unsurpassed short- and long term time stability of<3x10-8!
  • Replaces the standard non-oven stabilized reference oscillator of the P7887, P7888 and 7889

Typical applications are:

• High resolution Electro Spray Time-of-Flight MassSpectrometry with high mass range at full 250 pstime resolution and burst data rates of up to 4 GHz! Static high res.

• TOF SIMS secondary electronmass spectrometry - used for example in plantpathology, analyzing molecules from biologicalsamples! TOF SIMS to analyze traces of heavy metals Examples:
 a) analysis of human milk to determine whichpart is responsible for transporting heavy metals
b) characterizing peptides of a mass up to 3000and higher! Laser-induced fluorescence spectroscopy inbiological samples!

• Laser-induced photo-electron spectrometry toanalyze the electronic state of gas and solidstate samples!
• LIDAR with very high spatial resolution (downto 4 cm)