Multichannel Analyzers

FAST ComTec offers a comprehensive line of Multichannel Analyzers

The MCA4 series is a family of USB-connected, software controlled Multichannel Analyzers with 4 - input MCA with 32k resolution, > 1 M events / sec on each channel, MCS mode, RTC (option). The MCA-4 offers two multiscaling inputs with a counting rate capability of 300 MHz at dwell times as low as 70 ns.

The MCA-3 has scope mode for monitoring input signal wave forms. With an ADC conversion time of 500 ns a counting rate of more than 1.000.000  ADC conversions/s can be achieved. Any of our ADC's and  the TAC/ADC can be connected. All spectra can be displayed in one screen. Our 2-Year Warranty covers all types of FAST ComTec multichannel analyzers.

For mobile operation the MCA-8000D offers an excellent 16k ADC and connects to a computer by a fast serial interface. It can be operated with batteries or with a power adapter. 

Multichannel Analyzers

Model ADC channels Multiscaling Inputs Internal ADC External ADC ADC Countr. Capability Multisc. Capability Interface Datasheet
MCA4 1-4 2 32k (64k) n.a. >1 MHz >300 MHz USB mca4.pdf
MCA-3 1 2 no up to 64k external >400 MHz PCIbus mca-3.pdf
MCA-3A 1 none 8k up to 64k 1 MHz no PCIbus mca-3.pdf
MCA-3FADC 1 2 8k up to 64k 1 MHz >400 MHz PCIbus mca-3.pdf
MCA-3S none 2 n/a n/a n/a >400 MHz PCIbus mca-3.pdf
SPA-3 4..16 none no up to 64k external no PCIbus spa3.pdf
MCA8000D 1 1 8k no 10ms/channel USB/RS232 mca8000d.pdf
Options Datasheet
MCA4 DLL32 MCA4 DLL for Labview /"C"/ Visual Basic incl. VIs dllmca4.pdf
MCDLAN MCDLAN - MCDWIN Remote Control for RS232C and TCP/IP mcdlan.pdf
MCA-3 LINUX LINUX Drivers for MCA-3 Series / P7882 mca3linux.pdf
Additional Information
MCDWIN Software-Datasheet mcdwin.pdf
PC-Selection PC Selection Guide pc-appl.pdf
Mobility Mobile Application mca3mobile.pdf