Model TA1800B Fast Pulse/Timing Preamplifier


  • Small signal bandwidth DC … 1800MHz
  • Voltage gain 20dB (x10)
  • DC coupling
  • Closed loop OP-Amp design
  • Low noise
  • High output drive
  • Single supply operation / internally generated
  • bipolar supply / internal supply regulation


  • Pre-amp for ultra fast detectors (MCP, PMT, …)
  • Oscilloscope and transient recorder pre-amp
  • Photon-/Ion- counting
  • Wideband signal processing

The TA1800B is a fast pulse preamplifier with a small signal bandwidth of 1.8GHz. 
A unique feature for such high speed amplifiers is the DC coupling. DC  coupling avoids count rate effects due to non DC balanced pulse trains and the corresponding coupling capacitor charging.  A test with a 30mVP-P pulse and a P7889 100ps TOF analyzer showed an improvement of 10…15% in peak width (FWHM) when a TA1800 was used for amplification of the small pulse signal.

Voltage gain: 20 dB / x10, non inverting
Input: BNC, 50 Ohm, DC coupled
Outputs: BNC, low impedance, DC coupled VOUT = +/- 1.3V max, IOUT = +/- 150mA max. 
Small signal bandwidth: 1800 MHz, VOUT = 200mVRMS
Full power bandwidth: 1500 MHz, VOUT= 2VP-P
Slew rate: 5500 V/μs (2V step)
Input offset voltage: 5.25mV max., +/- 20 μV/°C typ. 
Input referred noise: 2.5 nV/√Hz

Case: extruded aluminium sheath, Al Mg Si 0.5
Lid: die cast, GD-Al Si 12
Size: 65/101 x 60 x 35 mm
Weight: 124 g

Power Requirements: 
Connector: 2.1 mm center pin
Supply Voltage: nominal +12V, voltage range +10 … +18V 
Supply Power: 2.5W Reverse polarity protected 
Absolute maximum ratings: Supply: 25V (100ms max.) 
Signal input: +/- 2.5V 
ESD rating: 3000V HBM, 200V MM

Simulated Voltage Gain / Simulated Pulse Response

(*) 200mVeff output signal into 50Ω load
(*) Signals are voltage shifted for better comparison (**) Input signal to each amplifier is scaled according the gain