Ramp Generator BNC Model LG-1



  • Integral linearity better than +/- 0.01%
  • Differential linearity better than +/- 0.05%
  • Ramp Period to 50 sec
  • Amplitude to 11.7 V


The Model LG-1 may be used as a reference with Berkeley Nucleonics pulse generators to provide a sliding pulse train. The principle of operation is as follows: A solid-state chopper in the pulse generator is connected via an external reference connector to the ramp. The ramp is sampled at periodic intervals as set by the frequency controls of the pulse generator. The pulse generator then converts the sampled voltage into tail pulses whose amplitude increases and decreases linearly. The differential linearity of the sliding pulse train will be better than ±0.1% with Model PB-4, and better than ±0.2% with Model BH-1.

The period is adjustable to either 5 or 50 sec by a front panel toggle. These periods will provide the usual range required in sliding pulse tests. However, for other applications the period may be altered by changing the internal timing capacitor. A front panel Amplitude trimmer which controls the maximum swing of the ramp also provides a fine control of the ramp period since the amplitude and period are inter-related.


Amplitude: 25 mV below the baseline to 11.7 volts above baseline, adjustable.

Output Impedance: 100 ohms.


Linearity: Integral, better than +/-0.02%;

Differential, better than +/-0.1%, to with 20 mV of turn-around points.

Max. operating temperature: 55 oC.

Output Waveform: Triangular Waveform

Power Requirements: +24 V at 90 mA. -24 V at 75 mA.



Size: Single-width AEC NIM module 1.35" wide x 8.70" high in accordance with TID-20893 (Rev. 3).

Weight: 2 lbs. net; 8lbs. Shipping.



Start: Push button, Ramp is initiated.

Stop: Push button, Ramp terminates at end of cycle.

Reset: Push button, Ramp is reset to 25 mV below baseline.

Period: 5 or 50 sec at max. amplitude of 11.7 volts. Period reduced at smaller amplitude.

Polarity: Positive or Negative.

Rep / Single Cycle: Toggle to provide continuous or single cycle ramp.

Amplitude: Max. amplitude is adjustable by front panel trimmer from 1 to 11.7 V. Offset below baseline is adjustable by internal trimmer from 25 mV to 500 mV.