BNC Model 8010, Low Cost 50 MHz Pulse Generator



  • Frequency Source or Oscillator
  • Triggerable Pulse Source
  • Gate or Width Generator
  • Double Pulser
  • Single Cycle Pulser
  • Gateable Oscillator
  • Delay Generator
  • Four-Output Pulser


The Berkeley Nucleonic's Model 8010 is an inexpensive general purpose pulse generator with a broad operating range. Its two outputs provide for the maximum in output waveform flexibility. For example, one may have TTL and ECL levels simultaneously. The internal clock rates, 1 Hz to 50 MHz, together with external trigger, single cycle, and synchronous and asynchronous gating gives the user a very broad range of pulse train control. The Model 8010 is packaged in an AEC NIM module, a convenient standard in the non-nuclear as well as nuclear field. The compact size of the module (the front panel is only 2.7" x 8.7") permits independent use or easy interconnection of multiple pulsers in a system.


External Trigger: Requires positive 1 V, with rate of rise greater than 3V/ms.

External Gate: Synchronous or asynchronous, switch selectable. Requires a positive 1.5 V signal.

Positive Output: A: Normal or complement; switch selectable.

B: Amplitude: 500 mV to 5 V continuously adjustable into 50 Ohms (TTL logic).

C: Rise and Fall time less than 5 ns.

Negative Output:

A: Amplitude: fixed -0.8 V pulse (NIM logic) into 50 Ohms, or -1.5 V with base line offset of -0.5 V into 50 Ohms (ECL logic); switch selectable.

B: Rise and Fall time less than 3.5 ns.

Trigger Out: Positive +1.1 V square wave into 50 Ohms.



Size: double width AEC module 2.7" wide x 8,7" high in accordance with TID-20893 (Rev. 3).

Weight: 3 1/2 lbs., net; 7lbs., shipping.


Frequency: A: 1 Hz to 50 MHz in 8 ranges, continuously adjustable.

B: External trigger, 0 Hz to 50 MHz

Delay: Less than 25 ns to 1 s in 9 ranges, continuously adjustable.

Width: Less than 20 ns to 1 s in 9 ranges, continuously adjustable.

Single/Double Pulse: Switch selectable, minimum double pulse spacing of 20 ns. Pulse separation set by delay controls.


Duty Factor: Greater than 50% each output, in complementary pulse mode duty factors larger than 90% may be attained.

Waveform Distortion: Less than 5% at full amplitude.

Jitter: Repetition rate, delay or width, 0.1% + 50 ps.

Power Requirements:

A: +12V @ 380mA, -12V 100 mA, or:

B: +12V @ 80 mA, -12V @ 100 mA, +6V @ 300 mA, selectable internally. Easily changed by removing side and throwing slide switch into either position.

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