Model MS-12 PC-based 12-Input, 100 MHz Scaler Card, Quad Dig. Ratemeter


The Model MS-12 is a multi input scaler that provides on a single ISA card 12 scalers. The first scaler can be configured as a timer with 10 ns time resolution (crystal time base). Two scalers can be preset. Utilizing the carryout function a 64 bit preset capability is available.The 12 inputs are designed to accept TTL or positive NIM pulses at rates of up to 100 MHz - the pulse-pair resolution is 10 ns. A 1 kOhm or 50 Ohm input impedance can be selected. All 12 scalers are connected to a common GATE and a LOAD (to start value / reset) line. The start and stop function can also be synchronized by the "GO"-Line as used by the new Model MPA-3 Multiparameter System. Each scaler has its own gate input, a common gate is also provided. Up to four MS-12 can be operated in one PC and the status of all scalers displayed in one window. A very useful feature is the four channel digital ratemeter display where four scalers of a MS-12 card can be selected to show the counting rate in a bargraph display.


  • 12-Input scaler card
  • Four scalers can be displayed as digital ratemeters
  • Continuous display of the status of all scalers
  • Individual gate inputs for each scaler
  • Common gate input
  • 100 MHz max. counting rate
  • 32 bit counting capacity
  • two presettable scalers
  • Scaler #1 can be configured as a timer with
  • 10 ns time resolution
  • Selectable carry out on Scaler #1 for 64 bit presetcount capacity
  • Crystal timebase
  • Common Start/Stop or synchronisation via the "GO-line" input.
  • Up to four MS-12 cards can be operated in one PC
  • Compatible with the FAST ComTec Model
  • MPA-3 Multiparameter System and
  • MCD4LAP Multichannel Analyzer
  • DLL for LabVIEW and Visual Basic


  • Fast counting channels for multiparameter systems or multichannel analyzers
  • other general purpose use

Scaler 1 to 12: TTL or pos. NIM, rising edge
sensitive, +1.65V to +5.5V
Input Impedance: 1 kOhm / 50 Ohm, selectable
via SIL resistors
Common Gate: 1 kOhm / 50 Ohm TTL, pos. NIM,
active high/low software selectable
Individual Gates: 4,7k Ohm pullup to 5V
Input Voltages: VHi min 1.65V
VHi max. 5.5V
VLOmin -0.5V
VLOmax 1.1V
Common Load: 1kOhm/50 Ohm TTL,
pos. NIM
Carry Out: TTL
Bidirectional GO-line: Compatible with
Power provided by PC
Size PC-card, half length,
ISA-Bus connector
ISA Address 200, 210, ..., 270,
300, 310, ..., 360 hex,
selectable by rotary

Count Capacity: 32 bit
Count Rate: 100 MHz max.
Pulse Pair Resolution: 10 ns
Two scalers are presettable
Scaler #1 can be programmed to
provide a selectable carry-out.
Connected to the input of Scaler #2 a 64 bit preset
capability is achieved
Scaler #1 can be defined as a timer
with 10 ns resolution
Four scaler cards can be placed in one computer and
the status displayed in one screen.
A max. of four scalers can be selected to indicate the
input counting rate like a digital rate meter.

The MS-12 is delivered complete with software
operating under WIN-95/98 and WIN-NT.
A DLL for LabVIEW and Visual Basic is available as an 

Ordering Information
ModelDescriptionOrder No.
MS12 Fan-In Cable MS12
MS12O01 2 channel multiparameter version, 2 ADC inputs, incl. 2 RTC, MPANT Software MS12O01
MSS01 DLL for LabVIEW and Visual Basic MSS01