M4i.44XX - up to 500 MS/s, 14 / 16 bit, PCIe based Transientrecorders

The M4i.44xx-x8 series digitizers deliver the highest performance in both speed and resolution. The series includes PCIe cards with either two or four synchronous channels where each channel has its own dedicated ADC. The ADC’s can sample at rates from 130 MS/s up to 500 MS/s and are available with either 14 bit or 16 bit resolution.
The combination of high sampling rate and resolution makes these digitizers the top-of-the-range for applications that require high quality signal acquisition.

The digitizers feature a PCI Express x8 Gen 2 interface that offers outstandingdata streaming performance. The interface and Spectrum’s optimized drivers enable data transfer rates in excess of 3.4 GB/s** so that signals can be acquired, stored and analyzed at the fastest speeds. While the cards have been designed using the latest technology they are still software compatible with the drivers from earlier Spectrum digitizers.


• Up to 500 MS/s on four channels
• Ultra Fast PCI Express x8 Gen 2 interface
• Simultaneously sampling on all channels
• Separate dedicated ADC and amplifier per channel
• 6 input ranges: ±200 mV up to ±10 V
• Programmable input offset of ±200%
• 2 Gsample (4 GByte) on-board memory
• Window, re-arm, OR/AND trigger
• Synchronization of up to 8 cards per system
• Features: Single-Shot, Streaming, Multiple Recording, Gated Sampling, ABA,Timestamps
• Direct data transfer to CUDA GPU using SCAPP option