M4i.22XX - up to 5 GS/s, 8 bit, PCIe-based Transientrecorders

The M4i.22xx-x8 series digitizers deliver the highest performance in both speed and resolution. The series includes PCIe cards with either one, two or four synchronous channels. The ADCs can sample at rates from 1.25 GS/s up to 5 GS/s with a maximum bandwidth of up to 1.5 GHz. The digitizers feature a PCI Express x8 Gen 2 interface that offers outstanding data streaming performance. The interface and Spectrums optimized drivers enable data transfer rates in excess of 3.4 GB/s** so that signals can be acquired, stored and analyzed at the fastest speeds. The cards are still software compatible with the drivers from earlier Spectrum digitizers starting with M2i series.