BNC Model 745T-20C Twenty-Channel Digital Delay Generator

The Model 745T-20C Digital Delay Generator provides users with an amazing twenty independent channels of pulse delay and width. This multi-channel Digital Delay Generator provides delay resolution of 100 picoseconds (ps) with an optional 1 picosecond (ps) resolution. The jitter is less than 25 ps with internal or external triggers.



The Model 745T-20C delivers 6 V into 50 ohms, meeting all TTL applications. The levels are adjustable on a channel-by-channel basis giving you complete time and amplitude domain control. The fast outputs, with risetimes of 1 ns, are on the rear panel for an elegant look for complex experiments. The front panel controls are accessed by a touchscreen interface with several programming options (Ethernet, etc) for remote control.

 All parameters (delay/amplitude/width/trigger….) may also be controlled with an embedded GUI that opens in an HTML browser such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome at 10 or 100 Mb/s rates.

The Model 745T-20C is uniquely suited to gate, delay, pulse and synchronize many experiments in the nanosecond and picosecond domain. The space saving, reduced calibration costs, and simple control of so many channels are ideal for users of multiple channels of timing.


The Model 745T-20C Digital Delay Generator offers users several options for triggering timing channels: External, Internal and Remote. Externally trigger on the positive slope.  The internal rep rate generator may be started by front panel pushbutton or remotely via your software interface. Either trigger mode may be set in one-shot or repetitive.

Expand to 40 or 60 Channels

The Model 745T-20C can be expanded to provide up to 60 channels, all with the same high performance. *Note: external triggering is not available for 40 / 60 channels.


Channels20 independent delay outputs
Range0 to 10 s
Resolution100 ps
RMS Jitter25 ps (T0 to any output)
Accuracy< 250 ps + delay x 10-7
Time Base0.05 ppm stability

Trigger source

Internal3 generators 0.1 Hz to 10 kHz in 1-2-5 sequence
ExternalRate up to 50 kHz, 1 V/50 Ω Threshold, slope positive; 5 ns minimum pulse width
Command2 Single Shots

Outputs T1 to T20

Amplitude3 V to 6 V / 50 Ω
Rise/Fall time5 ns/ 5 ns
Width100 ns to 300 ms
Clock Input (1)10 MHz to 100 MHz (customer choice fixed input)


Interface ControlFront panel, Ethernet/

Internet (Webpage)

SoftwareFree Drivers for Win7
SizeRack 19", 2U, D= 300mm
Power90 to 220 VAC / 0.5 A


How to Configure 

Step 1 Choose your Resolution

  • 100 ps or 1 ps

Step 2 Choose your Input Frequency

  • 10 MHz to 100 MHz (The chosen frequency is fixed)

Step 3 Choose your Output Frequency

  • Dependent on the Input Frequency

Step 4 Choose your Output Voltage (TTL Standard)

  • 2.5 V to 10 V, Square
  • 5 V to 20 V
  • 32 V (4 Channel Max)

Frequently asked Questions

Model 745T-20C | What if I need more than 20 channels of timing in my system ? 

The Model 745T-20C offers 20 channels per enclosure and can be daisy chained with additional units to a single trigger. However, for complex multi-channel applications, contact the factory. We can offer a custom card-level solution which may be more cost effective.


  • Sync with selectable external clock frequency - Mode Locked Lasers
  • Delay and Gate ICCDs
  • Control Flashlamps and Q-Switches
  • Gate High Speed Cameras
  • Triggering Ballistics Testing
  • Rangefinding
  • Radar / Lidar Testing

We offer BNC pulse generators only if end users are in Europe, other customers please contact BNC directly.