M2i.40XX - 4-Channel, up to 50 MS/s, 14 bit, PCI-based Transientrecorders

The M2i.40xx series is best suitable for applications that need high sampling rates as well as a maximum signal dynamic. These boards offer a resolution four times higher than 12 bit boards. On the M2i.40xx every channel has its own amplifier and A/D converter. Each input channel can be adapted to a wide variety of signal sources. This is done by software selecting a matching input range, an input impedance and an individual input offset compensation. The user will easily find a matching solution from the six offered models. These versions are working with sampling rates of 20MS/s or 50 MS/s and have one, two or four channels. They can also be updated to a multichannel system using the synchronization option. Data is written in the internal 32 MSample up to 2GSample large memory. This memory can also be used as a FIFO buffer. In FIFO mode data can be transferred on-line directly into the PC RAM or to hard disk.

  • Completely new developed base card
  • 4 GByte memory with one slot width
  • Optimized low jitter clock section
  • Multi, Gate with programmable pre,
  • posttrigger and timestamp
  • Zero phase delay synchronization
  • AND/OR conjunction of trigger/gate
  • Versions for PCI-X interface (100% compatible to PCI) and PCI Express
  • Up to 50 MS/s on one, two or four channels
  • Separate ADC and Amplifier per channel
  • Simultaneous sampling on all channels
  • 6 input ranges: ±200 mV up to ± 10 V
  • 64 MB on-board memory expandable to 4 GB
  • Sustained streaming mode to 200 MB/s
  • Window, pulse-width, re-arm, OR/AND trigger
  • Programmable input offset up-to +/- 200%
  • Synchronization option for up-to 16 boards
  • ABA mode option: combination of data logging and digitizing on trigger
  • Software support for Windows and LINUX
  • Production Test
  • Spectroscopy
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Automotive
  • Test of mobile communication
  • Medical equipment

Product range overview 
All four cards of the M2i.40xx series may use the whole installed on-board memory completely for the currently activated number of channels. See details in datasheet.

14 bit high dynamic transient recorder with up to 50 MS/s, memory 32 MS (64MB), PCI-Bus

Model M2i.40xx Resolution 1ch 2ch 4ch 8ch Input Level Datasheet
M2i.4020 14 bit 20MS Input: ±(200mV ... 10V) M2i-40.pdf
M2i.4021 14 bit 20MS 20MS Input: ±(200mV ... 10V) M2i-40.pdf
M2i.4022 14 bit 20MS 20MS 20MS Input: ±(200mV ... 10V) M2i-40.pdf
M2i.4030 14 bit 50MS Input: ±(200mV ... 10V) M2i-40.pdf
M2i.4031 14 bit 50MS 50MS Input: ±(200mV ... 10V) M2i-40.pdf
M2i.4032 14 bit 50MS 50MS 50MS Input: ±(200mV ... 10V) M2i-40.pdf