Model TD2000 Ultra Fast Timing Discriminator with GHz LE operation


  • -2.0 to +3.0V input range
  • ±1.25V input threshold range
  • GHz operation capability
  • 750ps min. output pulse width
  • Four outputs
  • Fast VETO input
  • Shaped output pulse widths <1ns to >350ns
  • Unshaped output bandwidth 2.4GHz (3dB)


  • Ultra high count rate Single Photon Counting
  • TOF Mass-Spectrometry
  • Ultra high count rate Multiscaling  

Probably the fastest leading edge discriminator available today. The unshaped outputs can be used at rates in the GHz range (ref. Fig 3). A fast NIM VETO input provides for inhibiting the shaped outputs. The fast NIM outputs exhibit fall times of <200ps. The shaped fast NIM output has a minimum pulse width of typ. 750ps only. Even the positive output has a fast rise time of approx. 500ps. Thus, pulse widths as low as 2ns can be achieved at full amplitude.

Input to unshaped output delay: approx. 1.7ns
Input to shaped output delay: approx. 3.3ns

Signal: BNC, 50Ω, direct coupled, -2.0 to +3.0V,
sensitivity <10mV, slew rate requirement
Threshold: ±1.25V, 10-turn precision potentiometer, 2mm
monitor test point for voltmeters
Veto: BNC, 50Ω, direct coupled, -300mV threshold,
fast NIM compatible, slew rate requirement
Unshaped: 2x BNC, 50Ω back-terminated, fast NIM
current mode, -16mA into external 50Ω,
inverting & non-inverting, 2.4GHz (3dB)

Shaped: 2x BNC, pulse width 10-turn screwdriver adjustable, <1ns to >350ns, input edge sensitivity rising/falling switch selectable
a) 1x negative fast NIM current mode, 50Ω back-terminated, -16mA into external 50Ω, 400MHz continuous rate
b) 1x positive voltage follower mode, VOL < 0.5V, VOH>+2.0V into external 50Ω (for widths > 2ns) 

Case: extruded aluminium sheath
Al Mg Si 0.5
Lid: die cast, GD-Al Si 12
Size: 121/153 x 142 x 37 mm
Weight: 500 g

Power Requirements:
Connector: 2.1 mm center pin
Supply Voltage: nominal +12V
voltage range +10 ... +18V
Supply Power: 6W
Reverse polarity protected

Absolute maximum ratings:
Supply: 25V (100ms max.)
Signal input: -3V ... +4.0V
ESD rating 1,500V HBM

External wall power supply (included)
Precision screwdriver (included)