PC121 Test Board for the A121


  • The PC121 accommodates two A121's side by side.
  • The input (Pin 1) of the A121 is held at a DC level of 1.2 Volts. Capacitors C1 and C2   isolate the input of the A121 from accidental grounding. Both C1 and C2 are rated at 200 Volts. THEY ARE NOT HIGH VOLTAGE COUPLING CAPACITORS. If the detector signal is at high voltage, an external high voltage coupling capacitor of adequate voltage rating must be connected from the detector to C1 and/or C2. This high voltage capacitor is not supplied with the PC121 due to the large variations of detector types and applications. Since the A121 is used in similar applications to the A111, please refer to the A111 connection diagrams and applications for additional information.
  • Due to the high sensitivity at the input and the fast rise time signals that are generated at the output of the A121, care must be taken to the connections of the external wiring in order to avoid oscillations and noise pick-up. Enclosing the PC121 inside a small metal box is recommended.

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