Model THQ-T1DPxx and THQ-T2DPxx, Benchtop HV- Power Supplies

These robust desk top high voltage power supplies consist of the THQ housing and one or two high voltage modules of the DPS series which have an unsurpassed price/performance ratio.

The units are available with one or two high voltage modules. Special versions with any combination of DPR modules can be quoted on request. The output voltage is controlled by a frontpanel potentiometer.

For external control and monitoring an analog I/O is also available (set voltage and monitor voltage 0 to 5 V) on a D Sub 9 connector on the rear panel. Hardware settings for voltage and current limits protect the connected devices.

Our patented resonance mode principle and the metal/plastic box guarantees lowest EMI. Output voltage and current can be choosen on a switchable LED-display.

The DPS series includes HV power supply modules with output voltages from 1 kV to 6 kV at max. 12W. The polarity switch in the housing of the DPS module enables the user to set the desired polarity.

  • Single and Dual HV supplies in benchtop case
  • Low cost desk top HV PS with 1 or 2 channels
  • LED display 3 1/2 digits for voltage or current, switchable
  • Equipped with DPS HV modules
  • Output voltages 1 kV up to 6 kV at max. 12 Watts
  • Very low EMI
  • High precision output voltage with very low ripple and noise
  • Short circuit and overload protected
  • Continuous setting of HV over full range with 10 turn Helipot or by Analog I/O on 9 pin D Sub connector.
  • Access to manual polarity switch on DPR module, optionally switchable via TTL signal (up to 3 KV only)
  • Freely configurable with one or two DPS modules

Series THQ: Benchtop HV-Supplies

THQ T1DPxx and T2DPxx: Single and dual channel versions in benchtop case
Output voltage Vo 1kV 2kV 3kV 4kV 5kV 6kV
Stability ΔVin < 1 x 10-5 x Vomax          
Stability ΔRload < 5 x 10-5 x Vomax          
Ripple and noise typ. 2 mVp-p max. 7 mVp-p          
Temp. coefficient < 5 x 10-5/K          
Remote control Control and monitor voltage for Vo and Io : 0 to 5 V          
INHIBIT TTL-Level, LOW = active Δ Vo = 0          
Polarity positive or negative, switchable          
Protection overload and shortcircuit, voltage and current limit with trimmer potentiometer          
Case Metal box          
Dimension (L/W/H) (300 with SHV / 310 / 90) mm          
Supply voltage 110-240V AC, 50/60 Hz          
ModelDesciptionOrder No.
T1DP01 1 x 1 kV HVIC01
T1DP02 1 x 2 kV HVIC02
T1DP03 1 x 3 kV HVIC03
T1DP04 1 x 4 kV HVIC04
T1DP05 1 x 5 kV HVIC05
T1DP06 1 x 6 kV HVIC06
T2DP11 2 x 1 kV HVIC11
T2DP22 2 x 2 kV HVIC22
T2DP33 2 x 3 kV HVIC33
T2DP44 2 x 4 kV HVIC44
T2DP55 2 x 5 kV HVIC55
T2DP66 2 x 6 kV HVIC66