The NHS modules of this series are Standard multichannel high voltage power supplies in 1/12 NIM standard cassette. The output voltage features a high stability, low ripple and noise and low temperature coefficient. Each single channel has an independent voltage and current control. The module provides full front panel control and visualization via a 1.44” TFT-display. A remote control via USB or CAN is also possible. The data for set and measure values are given in a format of Floating Point Single Precision values. The modules are equipped with 24 bit ADC and 20 bit DAC circuits.

The channels share a Common-GND, which is connected to the internal Crate-Ground.

The HV outputs via SHV (or BNC connector for NHS 6001x) connectors are located on the rear panel.

  • 6-channel high voltage power supplies (typ. 9W per channel) in 1/12 NIM standard cassette
  • Full front panel control and visualization via a 1.44” TFT-display
  • Remote control via USB or CAN (several modules can be chained via CAN to be controlled through a single USB interface)
  • Low ripple and noise
  • Voltage and current control per channel
  • Extensive programmable trip parameter
  • 24bit ADC and 20bit DAC, sample rate and digital filter adjustable
  • SHV connector on the rear panel
  • Protection: safety loop, INHIBIT per channel, hardware current and voltage limit per module