The NHS modules of this series are High Precision multichannel high voltage power supplies in 1/12 NIM standard cassette. The output voltage features an exceptionally high stability, lowest ripple and a very small temperature coefficient. The extreme small ripple is ensured down to very low frequencies (below 0.1Hz). Each single channel has an independent voltage and current control. The current measurement includes two measurement ranges with a resolution down to a few picoampere.

The module provides full front panel control and visualization via a 1.44” TFT-display. A remote control via USB or CAN interface is also possible. The data for set and measure values are given in a format of Floating Point Single Precision values. The modules are equipped with 24 bit ADC and 20 bit DAC circuits.

The channels share a Common-GND, which is connected to the internal Crate-Ground.

The HV outputs via SHV (or BNC connector for NHS 6201x) connectors are located on the rear panel.