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Now available: The MPA4T Multiparameter System

100 ps per time bin, multiple-event time digitizer (TDC)
It can be used in ultra-fast Multi-scaler and TOF systems, in Time-of-Flight mass-spectrometry and time-resolved single ion- or photon counting. NEW !! Pulse-width evaluation with 100 ps precision enables the user to calculate the area, the pulse height of the detector pulse but also if multiple events have occurred - multiple events have a broader pulse width than single pulses.
Multiparameter System (4 or 8 channels)
The MPA4T Multiparameter System is designed as an ultra fast list mode system with input ports for 4 or 8 ADCs, multiscalers or time-of-flight devices. 16-bit Ports can be combined to 32- or even 64-bit ports. For dependent single- and multiparameter acquisitions coincidence resolving times from approx. 20 ns (in steps of 20ns) to more than 1.3 ms can be selected. Eight 100 MHz 32-bit scalers are optionally available.