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FAST introduces the GHz-range Timing Preamplifiers and a GHz Discriminator

FAST ComTec has introduced the TA line of next generation GHz-range Timing Preamplifiers and the TD series leading edge Timing Discriminator that are packaged in compact preamplifier sized enclosure. These dc-coupled input units offer significant advantages in picosecond timing with ultra-fast detectors.

Primary applications are in TOF-mass spectrometry, LIDAR, single-photon-counting, fluorescence/phosphorescence lifetime spectrometry and related pulse processing applications where the DC-coupling feature can prevent peak shifts due to counting rate variations that are inherent with the AC-coupled devices available previously.

The compact design makes it possible to mount the preamplifiers close to the detector to avoid degradation of the sub-nanosecond signals caused by cable capacitance and noise pickup.