Model 2155 Pent CFT

BY: Dr. Wolfgang Wagner

The 2155 Pent CFT is a five-fold fully dc-coupled constant fraction discriminator with a dynamic range of up to 500:1. Selected fraction and three operating modes provide optimum time resolution for many detector types and applications.

The unit accepts negative polarity pulses to the 50Ω terminated dc-coupled inputs. On customer request the module can be modified to accept positive input signals. Output signals are generated whenever the input signal exceeds the selected threshold set by a front panel potentiometer (T).

Four simultaneous, independent output signals are provided. The two positive NIM voltage
outputs (at the rear panel) are adjustable (internal trim potentiometer) in width from 5 ns to 200 ns. The two independent negative NIM current outputs are derived as fixed width pulses.

The wide dynamic range of the pent CFT permits its use in many timing applications without the need of fast pulse amplifiers.