MCS8A - new 80 ps time digitizer / multiscaler with USB 3

BY: Dr. Wolfgang Wagner

The new MCS8A with USB 3 interface offers all MCS6A capabilities and has in addition:

• Exceptionally high count rate Time Spectrometry System with 80 ps time resolution
• 8 STOP input channels
• Time range from nanoseconds to 8.3 days with 80 ps time resolution (53 bit dynamic range)
• Stop pulses are evaluated either for rising, falling edge or both at 12.5 GHz. This allows to obtain data on pulse-width with 80 ps precision
• Minimum time between rising and falling edge is 80 ps
• Maximum input rates up to 12.5 Gbit/s
• High data transfer rate to PC by USB 3.0, 240 MB/s
• Six operating modes: Stop after sweep, sequential, multi start recording, pulse width(TOT - time over threshold and TUT - time below threshold) and time interval.
• Fully digital design, no software corrections required
• Start- and Stop-Inputs via built-in –2…+3V discriminators (-1...+1.5V threshold level adjustable in steps of 1mV)
• No dead time between time bins, No missed events, No double counting
• On-board 1024 x 5.12ns fast FIFO for ultra fast data acquisition. Secondary 1GB FIFO (2GB, 4GB opt.) to buffer list-mode or on-line histogramming data transfer into the PC
• Simultaneous acquisition & data transfer to PC
• On-line sweep summing
• Two versatile, software configurable Sync outputs for triggering of external devices (FAST NIM, TTL)
• Tag inputs (16) with 5.12 ns time resolution (i.e. for sequential data acquisition, multi-detector configurations, etc.
• Presettable 48 bit sweep counter; programmable acquisition delay, programmable number of time bins and programmable trigger hold-off after sweep
• User configurable “GO”-line for experiment synchronisation (compatible with other FAST ComTec devices)
• 8-bit digital I/O port