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Now 50 psec resolution with MCS6

Cable option and software gives you one start and two stop channels with 50 ps resolution, no deadtime and a minimum pulse-width of 100 ps. 

- A resolution of 50 psec by interleaved using two input channels each for start and stop is now implemented in the software. Set endless, time differences with ref Ch6. In the spectra dialog you will find a new button "Interleaved". Here you can define two calculated spectra. Use Ch6 (START) and CH1 for the start using the same signal using a power splitter. The signal of CH1 should be delayed by 50 ps (or 150 ps, 250 ps..) versus CH6. It can be tuned by small changes of the CH1 threshold voltage.

The same way use CH2 and CH3 for the stop signal using another power splitter, and a second spectra can be defined for CH4 and CH5 with a second stop signal. The calculated spectra is the sum of the respective time channels belonging to the same event, resulting in a 50 psec resolution. The Odd and Even Sums in the shown spectra view are displayed to help minimizing the odd/even effect arising if the delay between the signals is not exactly 50 ps, by tuning one of the threshold voltages. The maximum allowed time distance between edges of the input signals for recognizing signals belonging to the same event can be set in the dialog seperately for CH6-CH1 (Start), CH2-CH3 and CH4-CH5.