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The MPA-3 is designed as an ultra fast list mode system with input ports for 2, 4, 8, 12 or 16 ADCs, multiscalers or TDCs (time-of-flight devices). The open system technology concept is capable of accomodating future system expansion. Four systems can be operted to provide a max. of 64 input channels. For dependent single- and multiparameter acquisitions, coincidence resolving times can be set from approx. 150 ns to more than 3 ms in steps of 50 ns. The counting rate capabilities are matched only by our MPA4 Multiparameter System: With 7072 ADC™s we have observed counting rates up to 4.8 Mevents/s. The theoretical limit is 6 Mevents/s.

MPA4 Multiparameter System (4 or 8 channels): The MPA4 Multiparameter System is designed as an ultra fast list mode system with input ports for 4 or 8 ADCs, multiscalers or time-of-flight devices. 16-bit Ports can be combined to 32- or even 64-bit ports. All MPA4 systems have a dual USB 2.0 interface to connect to your PC / Notebook. For dependent single- and multiparameter acquisitions coincidence resolving times from approx. 20 ns (in steps of 20ns) to more than 1.3 s can be selected. The MS12 function - eight 100 MHz 32-bit scalers - are now internal and optionally available. 

The MPA4T is a combination of MPA4 system and a high resolution Multistop TOF System (1 START, 5 STOPS, 54 bit dynamic range), 100 ps per time bin, multiple-event time digitizer (TDC). It can be used in ultra-fast Multiscaler and TOF systems, in Time-of-Flight mass-spectrometry and time-resolved single ion- or photon counting. NEW !! Pulse-width evaluation with 100 ps precision enables the user to calculate the area, the pulse height of the detector pulse but also if multiple events have occured - multiple events have a broader pulse width than single pulses.

MPANT Software: A monitoring mode is available to view single or dual parameter spectra on-line during active data acquisition. List data can be stored on the local hard disk device or any other directly addressable storage device. Using a SATA hard disk drive data can be stored online at full throughput for many hour depending on the configuration. PHA mode will enable the user to accumulate and histogram multiparameter spectra in the RAM memory of the PC. Multiple windows of dualparameter spectra can be simultaneously displayed. Any combination of ADCs can be selected. It is therefore possible to define several single- and dualparameter spectra which can be simultaneously acquired and displayed. 

All our multiparameter systems are covered by a 2-Year Warranty

Munich, Dr. Wolfgang Wagner, general manager.