X-ray Microprobe and Micro-Tomography

X-ray Microprobe and Micro-Tomography with low-cost laboratory X-ray source
Andrzej Markovicz, Dariusz Wegrzynek, Samuel A. Bamford, Ernesto Chinea Cano, Mladen Bogovac   IAEA Seibersdorf, Austria
3D X-ray absorption CT imaging

  • 3D (volume) X-ray fluorescence elemental mapping (with correction for X-ray absorption)
  • 2D (surface) X-ray fluorescence elemental mapping
  • sample size up to 2 cm
  • resolution down to 10μm (depends on X-ray lens/capillary size)
Final X-ray absorption CT image: data analyzed with laboratory + commercial software
Experimental setup: X-ray tube + capillary + Si-Li detector (for X-ray fluorescence) + SDD detector (for X-ray absorption) + 4 axis motorized stages + microscope + video + custom MCA cards + NIM electronics
Software for computerized sample manipulation with realtime video image
Software for computerized sample manipulation with realtimevideo image
Software for data acquisition: micro-tomography mode (on-line sinograms - sea shell) or microprobe mode (on-line 2D elemental mapping – 4μm thick W cross)