HV Box

The HV Box supplies high voltage to a detector and removes the HV from the signal (AMP) output.

1 BNC connectors
2 SHV connectors
50 Ohm impedance
HV max: 4 kV (4.7 nF)
Filter resistors: 10 Mohm
(other values on request)

HV input: connect to a high voltage (HV) supply
Detector: connect to a detector and supply with high voltage (HV)
AMP (BNC): connect to a preamplifier (fast voltage amplifier or charge sensitive preamplifier)

50mm x 50mm x 25mm (without connectors)
81mm x 68mm x 25mm (with connectors)
aluminum (die cast) housing
weight: 105 g 

The HV Box filters the high voltage from a HV supply with a 10 Mohm resistor and a 4.7 nF HV capacitor.
Via a further 10 Mohm resistor, the HV is fed to the detector connector.
The signal from the detector is fed via a 4.7 nF capacitor to the AMP connector.
A 10 Mohm resistor removes residual HV from the AMP signal to ground.