Model TA2400 Fast Pulse/Timing Preamplifier


  • Small signal bandwidth DC ... 2400MHz
  • Voltage gain 14dB (x5)
  • DC coupling
  • Closed loop OP-Amp design
  • Low noise
  • High output drive
  • Single supply operation / internally generated bipolar supply / internal supply regulation


  • Pre-amp for ultra fast detectors (MCP, PMT, ...)
  • Oscilloscope and transient recorder pre-amp
  • Photon-/Ion- counting
  • Wideband signal processing


The TA2400 is a fast pulse preamplifier with a small signal bandwidth of 2.4GHz. A unique feature for such high speed amplifiers is the DC coupling. DC coupling avoids count rate effects due to non DC balanced pulse trains and the corresponding coupling capacitor charging. 

Simulated Voltage Gain / Simulated Pulse Response